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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kid-friendly approach to history

Many  middle school students love to browse through the books in this series in much the same way they browse through the Guinness World Book of Records. The format of these books makes them especially appealing to  reluctant readers. While certainly not a complete or scholarly overview, these books are great jump-off points and interest generators. Our library has several titles in the series so be sure to check out books in the series all starting out with the title You Wouldn't Want to....
  • ...Be a Crusader;  ...Be a Medieval Knight;  ....Be a World War II Pilot;   ....Be in a Medieval Dungeon;   ....Be  an American Colonist;   ....Sail on the Mayflower;   .....Live in a Medieval Castle 
as well as others in this series if you want to check out the most interesting history in an enjoyable format.

My rating--a great starting point for those curious about history(and they're fun!)