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Monday, May 30, 2011

Luna by Julie Anne Peters

A heartfelt, respectful story about a transgendered boy and his family. Gives readers a lot of background and a way to understand the difference between being gay and being transgendered. As a middle school teacher-librarian, I have known a number of teens over the years who struggle with all kinds of issues. Even though many teens self-censor their true feelings while in public (school), Luna is a reminder of the "back-story" the "unseen" faced by these teens-- a struggle those around them are too often not cued into.

I especially appreciated the portrayal of the family dynamics and the unintentional damage loved ones can cause when their personal expectations are faced with a differing reality. This story was hard to read at times, the pain is palatable and a couple of times I felt like cringing (sort of like watching an impending train-wreck). As valuable and well told as this story is, the subject matter makes it a book for mature teen readers. I plan on ordering a copy for my library because the opportunity to safely explore the topics of tolerance, gender, self-acceptance and respect for differences is too important to pass up.

My rating:      Great story...perspective is everything

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