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Friday, September 16, 2011

Outside the Box by Dan Allosso

Okay this one surprised me. I'd bought the book for my middle school library base upon some reviews I'd read. When book arrived, I skimmed the book and read some language and situations in a couple spots that gave me pause. Thought I'd give it a read cover-to-cover (nothing like taking something out of context and basing ones opinion of an entire book on THAT)...[a favorite activity of would-be book censors by the way]. It's true that the first part of the book describes some violent activity but it's in the context of a video game (by the way I'm SO NOT a gamer --ugh) and then the story is developed from there. I will be recommending this book some of my teen readers (probably mature 7th & 8th grade boys) for starters. Well written story and even with my non-interest in gaming the interaction among characters and situations carried the book for me and I found that I'd liked it well enough that I'll also be buying its sequel for my library. This is one of those reads that certain kids will like very much.

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 Category: Adventure/Science Fiction

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